Sarah Swift - Projects

Swift Discovery

Swift Discovery is a tool devised for the civil litigation practice. While many law firm platforms deal with matter management, they do not address the discovery process. Discovery can be taxing in terms of time, money, and energy. Swift Discovery enables attorneys and clients to stay on top of necessary documents, as well as keep track of relevant events.

Record Bleach

RecordBleach is a tool that enables Texans to prepare necessary court documents for expunction of certain arrests, charge, and convictions. RecordBleach is an open source project, and you are welcome to contribute! The project has 2 apps: a Rails API that handles the data and document generation. This is the repo for the Rals API. The front end is a React based app hosted at Decoupling the front end and backend was a design choice that allowed members of a TechForJustice hackathon team to fully contribute without tripping over tooling.

Coffee Finder

Welcome to Coffee Finder, a simple web app that locates coffee close to you! This app utilizes the MapBox and Foursquare APIs to locate coffeeshops in proximity to your desired location.

Responsive Forms

Basic form demonstrates ability to create a responsive layout in HTML and CSS, from scratch.